About Us

About Us

Welcome to YGP Online….an online platform that connects you with more than 100 Golf Professionals across Australia, YGP is a marketplace and directory allowing easy and swift access to your nearest PGA Golf Professional location 


Founded in 2008, YGP Online has come a long way from its beginnings, starting with just Brick & Mortar” store fronts to now offering online products such as Online Gift Vouchers, Online Teaching Diaries & Online Fitting Day Bookings with an emphasis on connecting you with Australias Leading PGA Professionals.


YGP Online stands for Your Golf Pro”, so who is yours?


Your PGA Professional has advanced knowledge and expertise gained through industry training with enhanced skills in game development for all levels of golfers.

Whether you are after a new set of clubs, golfing tuition or looking for somewhere to play a relaxing round then YGP Online is your solution.


Please feel free to contact us anytime.