Titleist Loyalty Reward Purchase 3 Dozen Receive 1 Dozen Free



Available Products and Play Numbers

  • Pro V1 (White): Low #’s 1-4, High #’s 5-8
  • Pro V1 (Yellow): Low #’s 1-4
  • Pro V1x (White): Low #’s 1-4, High #’s 5-8
  • Pro V1x (Yellow): Low #’s 1-4
  • AVX (White and Yellow): Low #’s 1-4

Qualifying Details

  • All 4 dozen must be for the same ball model (Pro V1, Pro V1x or AVX), play number, personalisation text and text colour (Available imprint colours are Black, Blue, Green, Pink and Red.).
  • All golf balls must contain Single Personalisation only
  • No logos available

Shipping Details

  • This promotion is an in-shop promotion only and may not be transacted online, via email or over the phone.
  • Orders to be processed on a first come first serve basis and will ship within 5 weeks of receipt for pick up at the store of purchase. Orders will not ship direct to the consumer

Promotion Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use logos for this promotion?
A: No, the promotion is for single personalisation only.

Q: Can I imprint 4 different names on my golf balls?
A: No, the customisation must be the same on all 4 dozen (ball type/colour, play number, personalisation text and colour).

Q: Can I purchase a custom play number only?
A: No, the promotion requires personalisation.

Q: Do the yellow versions of Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX come in high numbers?
A: The yellow Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX are only available in Low #’s 1-4.

Q: Can Pro V1 Yellow, Pro V1x Yellow and AVX Yellow be personalised?
A: Yes, but only in black ink for these models.

Q: I don’t play Pro V1, Pro V1x or AVX. Can I still participate?
A: No. Currently, Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX are the only golf ball models that are available under the Loyalty Rewarded promotion.

Q: Can I order more than 3 dozen. Why can I only receive 1 dozen free?
A: The promotion allows for 1 free dozen per customer only.

Q: What is the lead time for Loyalty orders and why does it seem to be taking longer than regular orders?
A: Due to higher order volume during the promotion, orders that qualify for the Loyalty Rewarded Program can take up to 5 weeks or less to be customised.

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